Create, Share, Connect

Helping storytellers and changemakers connect with and inspire their audience.

Ready to craft your best presentation yet?

Engaging your audience

Slidecraft enables you to easily add context and interaction to presentations for a richer and more engaging audience experience. It's for individuals, agencies and brands whose stories deserve to be told - for those who value their content and want to spark a conversation around their ideas.

Tell your story

Slidecraft combines the storytelling capability of presentations with the depth and context of articles. Tell your story and share your knowledge anyway you want, with any medium. Detailed articles, images, video, code - it's your story, you choose.

Add depth to slides with Slidecraft Context

Support beautifully designed slides with context for online audiences. Add carefully crafted articles, links, images and video to give your audience context when there's no presenter to tell your story.

Start a conversation

For ideas, knowledge and stories to have an impact and make change happen, we believe they need to spark conversations. Your audience can start a conversation with you and other viewers on any slide.

Collect feedback

By password protecting your content you can simply and easily collect feedback using the per slide commenting on any of your material. Simply share a link and password with your teams.